7 Ways to Get More Patient Reviews for Your Dental Practice

The goal of every dental office seeking more patients is to satisfy people so much that they tell others through word of mouth. But if you haven't reached that stage yet, then the next best strategy is for happy patients to encourage potential patients by posting positive reviews online. Here are ways to attract more online reviews and get more patients into your dental practice.

User-Friendly Posts

Your website is the best place to capture patient reviews, as long as you provide an easy method for patients to make posts. One idea for easy navigation is to provide links on images that lead to a section for posting reviews. Another way to gain visibility is through third party sites that also make it easy for patients to post their reviews. Yelp is one of the most popular and influential local business directories that publishes online reviews.

Email Reminders

Send your patients reminders through personalized email with a link that directs them where to post their reviews or respond with feedback that can be published on your site. You can accelerate the communication process by using an online review management platform. You can also send them a snail-mail request, but your best chances of getting responses involve personalized communication.

Printed Material

Give patients printed material to take home that requests their feedback. If the card is well designed, they may keep it on their refrigerator as a reminder. If you don't want to spend money on a brochure, you can just give them a single sheet with instructions how to post online reviews. If you send a postcard, consider including a QR code, which can be scanned with a smartphone. This code can link to your Google Places page or other online places that identify your business.

Social Media

Facebook is a great place to post reviews because it's the most popular social media network, which increases the odds of its visibility. Engaging on social media can lead to deep conversations about your service, which can attract the attention of people beyond friends of the patient. Another way to get more referrals through social media is to tell stories about satisfied patients overcoming their dispositions about seeing dentists.

Video Testimonials

Direct your patients to a video on your website that explains your services and have them comment on the video. Provide a walk-through of your facility and services, so that people get an inside look at your practice. Explain how spreading the word about your services to others helps it grow in your community.

Call Patients By Phone

Even though the phone is starting to seem like an ancient form of communication, it's still an effective way to talk with someone in real time. It still helps close deals and set appointments. So calling patients to remind them to post reviews is another direct method to get more patients into your dental practice.

Offer a Gift (Giveaways)

Many dentists give away small gifts to patients at the end of their visits, such as toothpaste or a toothbrush. This friendly gesture gives patients a reason to get back with you. The gift can also be a small pad of paper that includes your logo and contact information. Gifts that can be used every day are most likely to generate the best responses.