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About RepuGen

RepuGen is a healthcare reputation management software. It works to improve your online reputation and build patient satisfaction. Improving your online reputation to be a better reflection of how patients really feel about your care will help you acquire more patients and will help patients to make informed decisions when it comes to choosing their healthcare providers.

Yes, RepuGen is a certified HIPAA compliant platform which is used by over 1,300 physicians to gauge patient satisfaction and manage reputation.

RepuGen administers a survey to patients after a visit, then directs the patients to review sites to share their experience. Since only unhappy patients tend to write reviews if not asked, you’ll strengthen your online reputation because the reviews will reflect the actual satisfaction of your patients.

RepuGen administers a survey to patients immediately after a visit, then directs the patients to review sites to share their experience.

  • While we give all patients the option to write reviews on review-sites, the unhappy patients are also encouraged to leave feedback for the practice in real-time on our platform, with a promise that your office will contact them to resolve their complaints.
  • As a result, dissatisfied patients share their issues with you, not on review sites, resulting in fewer poor reviews.
  • Our experience shows that most patients are happy and just reminding them to write reviews results in new positive reviews regularly.
  • Patient’s comments help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses.
  • The platform immediately informs you about any unsatisfactory patient experience which allows for patient recovery. Our clients experience over 80% patient recovery.
  • Obviously strengthens your online reputation.

  • The after-visit survey is sent to patients via text and email.
  • They rate their experience, by default, on a scale of 0-10.
  • If they rate an 8, 9, or 10 on the survey, they will be directed to review sites to share their experience online.
  • If the patient rates below an 8, they are asked to share their feedback on the platform with a promise of contact from your office. They also see the review links, but very few of them write a negative review if they are contacted within the promised timeline.

We only need the patient's name, email address, cell number, provider, and location name. We do not accept any treatment information in our system.


During registration, we ask for your contact details so that we can set-up your account using that information. The email address that you use will determine your login credentials.

Although a logo is not required, the logo is used in the survey that is sent to patients. This gives them the assurance that the survey is coming from your practice. If you don’t have a logo, don’t worry, the survey will still work without it.

For this field, you will need an email address that you would like to send your RepuGen email surveys from. In order to increase your online reputation, RepuGen sends an email survey to your patients which drives patients to your online review sites. We recommend creating a "no reply" email address so that patients do not try to reach you at that address.

RepuGen sends out after-visit surveys to patients to learn about whether or not they were satisfied with their experience. When a patient has a positive experience, we drive them to an area where they can leave a review for your practice’s location, providers, or both. When answering the "Survey For" field you set-up whether you’d like to accumulate reviews for your locations, providers or both.


RepuGen accumulates reviews for your locations, providers, or both. To easily breakdown the data in your RepuGen dashboard, we ask for the names of your locations and the providers that are associated with them, if necessary.

Location short names are abbreviated versions of your location name, if there are any. This can help to simplify your account by keeping your location names short and simple.

RepuGen sends automated email notifications to keep you updated on negative feedback from patients and online reviews. Generally, the recipient for each location is the corresponding practice manager, so that they can reach out to any patient to address any negative feedback.

Review links are the URL links to your practice’s review listings. For example, you may have a review listing on Google, Facebook, HealthGrades, etc. At least one link is required so that you can start accumulating reviews on that review site. We include the links to these sites on your RepuGen survey.

To add your review links, paste the URL link to your practice or provider's review site. For example, if you were trying to add your practice's Facebook page, Google your practice's name followed by "Facebook" > Click on your practice’s Facebook page > Copy the URL > paste on the set-up form in the "Facebook" field.

Yes, you can login to your account at any time and access your set-up page by navigating to Welcome (in the top right corner) > Locations > Here you can add a location, edit and delete locations. Additionally, you can edit your Providers settings by navigating to "Providers" right below the "Locations" field.

RepuGen Platform

A historical blast is sending out a RepuGen survey to patients from the past. Sending out a one-time historical blast to all past patients is an effective way to get positive reviews for your business.

Sending a historical blast is the same process as bulk uploading patients, the only difference is you are to compile a .csv spreadsheet file with your past patients, rather than your current ones. Once you upload the spreadsheet successfully, the RepuGen surveys will be automatically sent to those patients according to your Scheduler Settings. Check out this video to learn more:

There are two main options to upload patients with RepuGen. To manually upload patients, navigate to Patients > Upload Patients > Upload File OR Add Manually. With these options you can either bulk upload a .csv spreadsheet of patients’ contact information, or you can add patients one by one as they come into the office. The second option is automating the upload process by integrating RepuGen with your EMR/EHR.

We recommend uploading patient information on a daily basis or as frequently as possible. The more often you upload patients to send RepuGen surveys, the stronger your chances of improving your reviews are. Keep in mind that if you integrate RepuGen with your EMR, you do not have to upload patients as the process is completely automated.

A RepuScore is your average rating on the RepuGen survey. The RepuScore is, by default, out of a scale of 10.

The survey conversion is the percentage of patients who took your RepuGen survey.

Patients are sent the RepuGen survey by either manually uploading their contact information or through integration. Once we have their contact info, the RepuGen surveys are automatically sent out based on your Scheduler Settings. By default, patients are sent a text message first and then a follow-up email 24 hours later, if they do not respond to the text survey. To adjust your scheduler settings, go to Settings > Miscellaneous > Scheduler Settings.

To adjust your scheduler settings, go to Settings > Miscellaneous > Scheduler Settings.

You can adjust your survey content by going to Settings > Communication Preferences > Email Settings / Text Settings.

To adjust your notification preferences you can go to Settings > Email Notifications > Feedback Notifications / Review Notifications. You can adjust who receives internal notifications with the "Feedback Notifications" tab, and you can adjust your online review notifications in the "Review Notifications" tab.

To add or remove providers, reach out to your RepuGen representative or email us at

To add or remove a location reach out to your RepuGen representative or email us at

RepuGen is a web-based healthcare reputation and review management software and it can run on any browser running on Windows, Linux or Mac OS. We have also launched our mobile apps for both Android and iOS to help our clients manage reviews on the go.

Visit and enter your email address. You will get your password directly in your Inbox in no time. Make sure to check your spam folder in case you didn’t get it.

RepuGen can monitor patient reviews from 45 online review websites that includes

  • Google
  • ZocDoc
  • HealthGrades
  • RateMD
  • RealSelf
  • Vitals
  • Rateadentist
  • Facebook and more


We have a validation process to check the file type, as there is no scope for a csv file to have infected data. Also we are validating each row of data before uploading to our database. If it is not in the prescribed format, we are not updating it to the database. This way we have 2 ways of checking. We also run an antivirus scan on an uploaded file before the above 2 processes.

Yes, RepuGen is HIPAA compliant and our employees are well acquainted with HIPAA regulations. Our standard Business Associates Agreement is included in our Terms of Use, which helps to ensure HIPAA compliance.

No. RepuGen respects your privacy, as well as your patients’ feedback. Rest assured, at no point does RepuGen share ANY information with third parties.

learn more about protecting your privacy on RepuGen from our Privacy and Security policy page. If you have any questions, just drop us an email over at or call 866-246-7891.


You can contact us 24/7 using any of these options:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 866-246-7891
  • Fill out the form on the Contact Us Page
  • Write a message to us using the chat option in the bottom right corner of our website.

Additional Questions

RepuGen has the capability to integrate with most systems, but this may require you to upgrade your RepuGen plan.

Yes. Please e-mail us at and remove them from your communications for you. Patients can also "unsubscribe" from any RepuGen communications in the messages they receive.

We have a system in place which is self-automated and does the following:

  • Increases online reputation and presence
  • Manages reputation by increasing accountability and transparency into overall service provided by caregivers, thus allowing constant improvement of service and making patients happier with their experience as a result
  • Helps you improve patient satisfaction by receiving patient feedback in real time
  • Offer a customizable platform you can make your own, with unique reporting tools and capabilities not seen anywhere else
  • Specializes in healthcare, with HIPAA compliant tools and a secured, private server
  • Finally, encourages patients to share their experiences and reviews about you which can help you improve your practice

You can head over to to get an idea of the different pricing plans that we have. You can also Contact Us for a custom quote or ask us any queries at

Yes. Just e-mail us at or call us at 866-246-7891 and we'll be more than happy to help.

We currently accept the following major credit cards:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
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We also accept payment via debit cards and PayPal.