Reputation Management for Medical Groups

At RepuGen, we believe that strong patient relationships are the lifeblood of any medical group. Through our healthcare reputation management software, all physicians, practices, and primary care centers within your medical group are provided a seamless and easy-to-use program to nurture your patient relationships and manage online patient reviews.

Medical Group’s Online Reputation

Ensure your medical group’s online reputation is accurate

If you think that people only check reviews online when they’re looking for a place to eat, then you’re in for a surprise. Whether they’re searching for a care center, hospital, or physician, patients will rely heavily on online reviews to make a final decision. With RepuGen, you’ll be able to identify and reach unhappy patients and also address their issues. Show potential patients that you provide high-quality patient care with the help of RepuGen.

Improve Your Patient Relationships

Nurture & improve your patient relationships

As the administrator of your medical group, you need to consistently monitor the performance of your physicians and practice managers to ensure they’re providing excellent patient care. RepuGen makes it easy. Get consistent feedback on each doctor’s performance and measure patient sentiment over time. Along with this, gain the ability to monitor your practice managers and ensure they’re addressing unhappy patients and nurturing patient relationships.

Using RepuGen, medical groups have seen up to 80% service recovery.

Drive new patients to your medical group

Drive new patients to your medical group

How much difference does 1-star make? The answer: surprisingly a lot. Studies show that only 14% of patients will even consider selecting a business or physician with less than 3-stars. On the flip side, if your reputation is already averaging 3+ stars, the majority of potential patients will select a competing medical group with the same star rating and more reviews. With unhappy patients being more vocal online, your medical group needs to ensure your reviews are accurate...and RepuGen will help.


Patient Sentiment Insights

Patient Sentiment Insights

Monitor patient sentiment among each of your medical group’s locations and physicians.

Service Recovery

Service Recovery

Receive immediate notifications when patients are unhappy to conduct service recovery.

Management Insights

Management Insights

Know exactly how your locations and physicians are performing. Use robust and real-time reporting to improve patient care.

Positive Review Acqusition

Online Reputation Management

Drive all your patients to review sites like Yelp, HealthGrades, Google and more. Address unhappy patients instantly, so you can clear up any confusions before the patients post online.

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