7 Easy Ways to Engage Patients Online During the Holidays

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), patient engagement in healthcare is crucial because it enables patients to understand the available healthcare options, which allows them to make informed decisions concerning their health.

However, with the holiday season around the corner, patients would likely be busy relaxing and celebrating with their loved ones, making it difficult for health care providers to keep up with their health conditions.

To help you overcome this problem, here are seven easy ways to engage patients online during the holidays.

1. Send Holiday Greetings to Your Patients

One of the most effective marketing ideas for doctors is sending holiday cards to patients. It's an excellent way to show your patients that you care and to keep your practice at the top of their minds. Remind your patients that you care with the help of automated Holiday e-cards conveying a message of heartfelt gratitude and well-wishes for the holiday season.

2. Use Videos for Engaging Patients

Video content is generally more engaging than written content. In fact, a recent survey by HubSpot found that more than 50% of customers prefer watching videos.

Further, more than 80% of them are willing to share video content with their friends if it appeals to them. Creating such appealing videos will help you engage with your patients more.

For example, you can record a holiday greetings video from your office and post it on your social media pages or send it through your email campaigns.

3. Create a Cheerful Voicemail

Voicemail is one of the best holiday message ideas. A cheerful voice mail is a great way to convey a seasonal message to your patients. As you probably know, customer experience matters a great deal in the healthcare industry. For this reason, a cheerful voice mail should be a part of your patient engagement plans to improve your patients’ experience.

4. Blog on Health Topics with Some Touch of the Holiday Flavor

In general, most people tend to care less about their health and often overindulge during the holidays. One strategy you can use is creating a blog about health and wellness to remind your patients to be mindful of their health and wellbeing, particularly during the holidays. To achieve your goal, ensure you notify your patients every time you create a new blog post.

5.Partner with Other Businesses to Give to Charity

Holiday giving campaigns are generally a noble gesture because they ensure that the less fortunate members of the community can also celebrate the holidays.

To keep your patients engaged, you can partner with a local or national charity and encourage your patients to donate money online, which would be handed out to the needy along with other necessities through holiday giving campaigns.

For instance, in 2014 The Children’s Hospital Association partnered with American Girl to donate dolls to the girls for any online purchases.

6.Offer Holiday Quizzes or New Year's Resolutions

A recent survey by Finder found that about 64% of Americans were determined to make a lifestyle change at the start of the year. With the New Year approaching, you need New Year promotion ideas that will keep your patients engaged.

One great idea is to start a campaign that dares your clients to get involved in a healthy living challenge. For example, the "We Dare You" campaign by the United Healthcare encouraged their clients to change their lifestyles and document the new habits on social media, which led to a massive improvement in lifestyles and enhanced brand loyalty.

7. Create a Gratitude Wall

This is an excellent idea to connect with your patients on Thanksgiving Day. To get started, you can create social media posts that ask, “What are you grateful for?”. Connect with your patients and invite them to add what they are thankful for in the comments, to create a gratitude wall fit for Thanksgiving.

Use these 7 patient engagement ideas to spread holiday cheer, show your patients you care, and grow your patient base during the holidays. For more information about patient engagement, contact us to learn how RepuGen can help you monitor and improve patient engagement and satisfaction.

Ajay Prasad
Ajay Prasad

Ajay Prasad is the founder and CEO of RepuGen, a leading healthcare reputation management solution that helps practices grow through regular review generation, patient recovery, and retention. Ajay believes that providing clients with the opportunity to take control of their online reputation will improve patient experience and the overall success of the healthcare business. See how RepuGen can help you.