17 Customer Service Lessons from Shep Hyken [In Tweets]

Implementing a customer loyalty program makes a good start for rewarding customers, but inevitably it's a better idea to reward customs all year round. This view is held by customer service guru Shep Hyken, who constantly gives helpful advice on Twitter. The following 17 tweets are some of Shep's most inspiring tweets customer service lessons.

#1. Customer Service is the Price of Admission

It's the barometer for determining if your business is capable of competing. Ultimately, customer service should be viewed as the norm instead of an exception.

#2. Make Every Interaction Count

Even small interactions are still relevant to the big picture. It's better to treat customers like people than statistics. Communication is an essential building block to business success.

#3. Customer Loyalty is Earned

In order for a customer to show loyalty to a company, the company must first do something that benefits the customer. Even if it's not during customer loyalty month, customer service lessons are constantly unfolding.

#4. Loyalty is More Than a Rating

It's difficult to achieve because it involves emotion. It's important to engage with people on an emotional level to earn their loyalty.

#5. Loyalty Programs Can Nurture Relationships

Once you implement a loyalty program, maximize it by continuously rewarding the customer. Let them feel they are part of an exclusive and special group.

#6. Keep It Super Simple (KISS)

The most successful loyalty programs are the ones that don't present too many hurdles, since customers are attracted to simplicity. Customers will more likely develop confidence about a company if the communication is easy to understand.

#7. Consistency Wins

It's best to run stable campaigns across multiple locations so that the brand is consistent. When campaigns lack consistency, the customer may wander from the company to avoid confusion.

#8. Overcome Customer Objections With Value

By explaining what the customer is gaining, it makes price less important as a purchasing barrier.

#9. Brands are Customer Experiences That Depend on Employees

If customers perceive employees as negative, it can affect their image of the brand. That's why customer service must be viewed as a high priority for a business to grow.

#10. Customers Aren't Always Right

Sometimes they simply misunderstand a message or fail to read instructions. Even so, you must always treat customers with dignity and respect. Whether or not it's customer loyalty month, customer service lessons depend on two-way communication.

#11. Don't Ignore Social Customer Care

Take social media seriously as a way to provide online customer service in real time. You can develop a marketing list and get involved in discussion groups that can help you understand your market better and refine your products or services.

#12. Speed is a Competitive Customer Service Strategy

Providing quick service adds value to what customers are paying for.

#13. Employees Should Fit Your Corporate Culture

Make sure employees match the values you are trying to associate with your brand. Personality is very important to developing loyalty.

14. Be Loyal to Your Customers

Learn about why customers resonate with your brand and then keep letting them know you value their loyalty.

#15. Create Customer Evangelists

In other words, educate your customers how to promote your brand to others. Learn from their feedback and use positive comments for your testimonials and reviews.

#16. Set an Inviting Tone

First impressions go a long way partly from the tone that sets the communication that follows.

#17. Always Say "thank you."

Remind customers that you appreciate their business. Make sure every encounter ends on an upbeat note. Related Posts:

Ajay Prasad
Ajay Prasad

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