We Turned Six! Celebrating RepuGen's Journey Through the Years

POSTED ON: Jun 06, 2022

We Turned Six! Celebrating RepuGen's Journey Through the Years Lauren Parr

We Turned Six! Celebrating RepuGen's Journey Through the Years

Since it was first founded in 2016, RepuGen has gained great recognition as one of the best-in-class healthcare reputation management platforms. With its one-of-a-kind reputation management and patient engagement solutions, RepuGen has helped healthcare providers across the nation to:

  • Generate great online reviews while effectively addressing negative ones
  • Acquire and retain new patients, thus growing their practice
  • Strengthen patient relationships through constant patient engagement
  • Leverage online reputation for building a loyal patient base

At RepuGen, we always seek new ways to serve all healthcare professionals with the best digital marketing solutions for their practice. Read on to learn about our journey over the past six years. 

2016: The Beginning: What Led to RepuGen

Our CEO and Founder, Ajay Prasad, driven by the urge to assist his marketing clients in managing their reputation, decided to create a product that would boost the online image of his clients. He created RepuGen to provide clients with a simple way to manage and improve their online reputation and consequently prevent a few negative reviews from incorrectly portraying their practice.

2017-18: Expansion and Specialization in Healthcare Reputation Management

For the next two years, RepuGen extended its reputation management solutions to different types of enterprises. Our team worked tirelessly to automate the processes involved and upgraded the platform to enhance user experience.

As RepuGen noticed there was a struggle in the healthcare industry with many providers being depicted incorrectly on review sites by dissatisfied patients, RepuGen decided to focus solely on healthcare reputation management. In 2018, RepuGen directed all its efforts toward assisting patient-centric doctors and healthcare practices in achieving a robust online reputation. 

More and more providers sought our reputation management services to manage their online reviews and present a true picture of their practice while responding to negative reviews left by resentful patients.

2019: Focusing on Patient Experience Throughout Their Care Journey

We soon realized that building long-term patient relationships was the key to retaining patients and turning them into loyal promoters of a practice. Once a patient has selected a provider based on the social proof provided by their reviews and ratings, evaluating their care journey, identifying pain points, and addressing them on time can help ensure strong patient relationships. Keeping this in mind, we developed unique trend reports for healthcare providers that allow them to better understand:

  • Which review sites to focus on
  • Breakdown of reviews across multiple review sites
  • Growth trends in both online reviews and internal ratings

We also created a sentiment analysis report to help healthcare practitioners better understand their patient’s feedback and identify their strengths and weaknesses. 

2020: Shining Through the Pandemic: How RepuGen Made a Difference

Despite the multiple challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, RepuGen developed a strategy to assist healthcare providers in delivering quality patient care. With the pressing demands for immediate medical attention, RepuGen’s proprietary solutions helped practices stay in business while allowing patients to access the right medical practice for their unique care needs.

We capitalized on our years of experience to enhance our reputation management platform further. This is what we accomplished during the pandemic:

  • Developed an automated patient referral procedure that allows providers to easily request their patients to refer their healthcare practice to others
  • Created appointment reminders and scheduling features to ensure seamless patient engagement
  • Created and successfully implemented a detailed marketing plan to help healthcare practitioners build their online reputation and attract new prospects 

As the pandemic entered its second year, challenges for the healthcare industry also doubled. However, this didn’t stop us from developing advanced marketing tools and technologies for patient-centric healthcare providers. 

2021: Continued Growth and Expansion with New Launches, Partnerships and More

The year 2021 held great success for RepuGen as we upgraded our services with new reputation management tools and partnered with other market leaders to reach a wider audience. Here’s what what was accomplished:

  • Launched RepuTally, an online reputation scorecard for medical practices. With one click, RepuTally collects all online reviews received by a practice, analyzes them based on different metrics, and creates a comprehensive reputation scorecard, comparing it to hundreds of other similar practices in that specialty. 
  • Built a new QR code feature to help patients quickly rate and review their healthcare experience. Patients may evaluate their experience, offer comments and reviews, and subscribe to the practice’s mailing list by scanning the QR code.
  • Partnered with Athenahealth, a cloud-based healthcare product and service company, as well as Riverside County Medical Association and Fresno Madera Medical Society,  council of healthcare providers. 

RepuGen also launched new features such as appointment reminders and sentiment analysis on its app for beta users last year.

2022: Getting Ready for the New Normal

At the beginning of this year, RepuGen partnered with PandaHealth, a reputable healthcare marketplace that provides digital health solutions to improve the healthcare experience for both consumers and practitioners. RepuGen has also launched an automated physician and provider referral program this year that focuses on attracting more patients. 

Future Plans: What is in Store for RepuGen

Currently serving thousands of doctors, RepuGen seeks to grow its client base to assist more healthcare providers in the future. We are working on launching a new and improved user interface, constantly improving our AI and sentiment analysis tools, and creating a communication app to further our patient engagement offerings. Be on the lookout for more things to come! 

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