RepuGen Product Updates - Patient Profiles and Listing Consistency

We’ve been celebrating our growth, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been hard at work. We are constantly designing meaningful features to make RepuGen even more beneficial. Over the past few months, we’ve launched new features that we want to ensure don’t fall under your radar!

Patient Profiles

Introducing our latest intuitive report, Patient Profiles! These individual patient reports enable you to see trends in sentiment across appointments and the reason behind satisfaction or dissatisfaction behind each touchpoint. Within RepuGen you can schedule automated reports for upcoming appointments, which lets you easily see the patients’ current sentiment, the day of their last visit, the rating of their last visit if they’ve posted a positive or negative review and more. View these Patient Profiles reports by visiting the Patient List and clicking the far right column for any patient!

Patient Profiles Feature in RepuGen

Listings Consistency

Now with RepuGen, you’re able to easily track the consistency of your listings across the public review sites you care about most! With our listings consistency scanning tool, you can leave the attention to detail to us by easily generating a report of your listings with all inconsistencies flagged. Check out the Listings page on the left sidebar, select a location or provider and enter your information to generate your listings report, OR just email your RepuGen rep to get started!

Listing Consistency Report for Doctors from RepuGen

Ajay Prasad
Ajay Prasad

Ajay Prasad is the founder and CEO of RepuGen, a leading healthcare reputation management solution that helps practices grow through regular review generation, patient recovery, and retention. Ajay believes that providing clients with the opportunity to take control of their online reputation will improve patient experience and the overall success of the healthcare business. See how RepuGen can help you.