Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of RepuGen

Since its founding in 2016, RepuGen has grown to become a leader among healthcare reputation management platforms. RepuGen expanded its features to not only help healthcare providers generate positive online reviews and retain patients but also strengthen their patient relationships and utilize their stellar reputations to grow their patient base. To continue its mission, RepuGen seeks to build on its experience to provide all healthcare professionals with solutions to their digital needs. Continue reading to learn how RepuGen got to where it is today.

2016: How RepuGen Was Created

As an owner of a digital marketing agency, RepuGen’s founder, Ajay Prasad, sought to find a solution to help improve the online reputation of one of his urgent care marketing clients. After what seemed like endless research, Ajay realized that the best solution to help his marketing client would be to build a tool that fulfills all of their needs.

2017: Optimization & Specialization

Once developed, RepuGen became a reputation management solution for all kinds of businesses. The RepuGen team worked to improve the platform as much as possible by automating the reputation management process and optimizing different aspects of the platform for a better user experience. It was also during this year that Ajay saw a missing link in the healthcare space. At the time, many healthcare providers and medical practices were being inaccurately portrayed on review sites since only unsatisfied patients were leaving exaggerated reviews, while happy patients were less likely to review about how wonderful their experience was. So, Ajay made the decision to shift RepuGen’s focus to solely helping the healthcare industry.

2018: Helping Healthcare Providers With Their Online Reputation

Ever since RepuGen transitioned to become a healthcare-centric company in 2018, its primary mission is to help patient-centric providers and healthcare practices in building a healthy online reputation. RepuGen became the solution for doctors to ensure that online reviews provide prospective patients with an accurate representation of their care rather than being inaccurately skewed by a few vocal, unhappy patients.

2019: Developing Useful Trend Reports and Sentiment Analysis

In its second year within the healthcare space, the RepuGen team learned that in addition to generating more online reviews and retaining more patients, healthcare practices also need to learn exactly how they can improve their patient relationships. So in addition to honing its online reputation management features, the platform developed unique trend reports for doctors and medical practices to better understand which review sites to focus on, the breakdown of their reviews across review sites, and their growth in both online reviews and internal ratings. Moreover, RepuGen went one step further and developed a sentiment analysis report to give healthcare practitioners the ability to analyze patients’ feedback about their experience as well as identify their strengths and weaknesses.

2020: Overcoming Pandemic Challenges

As the COVID-19 pandemic brought challenges to all, RepuGen was forced to address the same struggles that many businesses encountered. By quickly adapting to the unpredictable challenges, RepuGen developed a strategy to help healthcare practices in need. With so many people looking for the right medical practice for their healthcare needs during the pandemic, RepuGen gave practices an opportunity to use online reputation management tools to help their own practices stay in business and help their community of patients. In addition, the RepuGen team built on their momentum from previous years to further develop the platform. To help more healthcare practices and their patients, RepuGen...

  • Created an automated patient referral process for clients to easily ask their patients to refer their healthcare practice
  • Provided another streamlined patient survey option via a simple QR code feature
  • Developed appointment reminders and scheduling features to improve healthcare practices’ patient engagement
  • Constructed a managed marketing plan for clients to easily leverage their stellar online reputation in marketing their practice to prospective patients

Future Plans

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the need for a healthy online reputation increases within the healthcare industry. And despite all of the challenges encountered and lessons learned, RepuGen will continue to push towards providing doctors and healthcare practices with the most effective tools in managing their online reviews, retaining more patients, and developing their overall success.