RepuGen Scores Big to Become the Winner of 2017 SaaS Awards on CompareCamp

RepuGen has been distinguished with Great User Experience Award and Rising Star of 2017 Award by the business review website after scoring 83% in the review marks by the experts. It was once again a proud moment for RepuGen when another feather was added to its cap with the latest RISING STAR Of 2017 AWARD and a distinguished GREAT USER EXPERIENCE AWARD, conferred by the leading online business review website- the CompareCamp. is a leading online platform focused on providing SaaS and B2B related reviews and content to help readers gain useful insights and lead them to smarter buying decisions for their company. The experts of CompareCamp believe that RepuGen has all the essential features at their best that can be invaluable for healthcare practitioners to beat the competition and attract new patients. “You can use this product to automatically gather feedback from patients in real time and encourage them to provide positive reviews to grow your practice and patient base.”, says the expert review. You can read the detailed CompareCamp review of our software to see what parameters our software outsmarts the others. Before deciding on the scores, the experts went through all our software's features one-by-one and in detail. Only after realizing about our software's great utility in providing the best patient satisfaction and building a robust health care reputation for medical practitioners, they gave us a total product quality score of 83% which, according to their methods of giving scores, is far more than satisfactory. Things that they really liked and listed as our software's main features are our ability to provide immediate patient feedback, providing protection from the negative reviews and acquisition of positive reviews, patient sentiment analysis, reputation monitoring, and reporting and management tools, among others. The fact that we offer a cloud based service to empower data protection, and its access anytime and from anywhere was a further incentive for CompareCare to consider us the winner of the two awards. By sharing this delightful experience with you, we promise to keep working hard and make RepuGen a perfect platform to fulfill all the online reputation management needs of the healthcare industry. At last, we'd like to extend our gratitude to the team of for bringing an acknowledgment of our hard work in front of their readers and our users.