RepuGen Partners With Panda Health

RepuGen, a pioneer in online healthcare reputation management, is proud to share their partnership with Panda Health to fulfill the goal of assisting medical professionals in building a healthy online reputation.

Panda Health is a trusted healthcare marketplace that sources, connects, and manages the best digital health solutions to transform the healthcare experience for consumers and providers. Panda Health’s superb quality stems from their values of authenticity, creativity, generosity, passion, and support.

“Panda thoroughly evaluates and pre-vets thousands of digital health vendors so that healthcare leaders can narrow the field and expedite the selection process. The suppliers on our marketplace represent only the best-in-class options and we’re proud to welcome these companies to our network to facilitate long-lasting partnerships with healthcare organizations,” said David Harvey, CEO at Panda Health”.

Panda Health wants to give their clients the right keys to success, and that includes RepuGen’s online reputation management system. This system includes automatically sending surveys to patients to get more positive reviews, effective patient service recovery to retain more patients, collecting detailed patient feedback to improve strengths and weaknesses, showcasing their improved online reputation to attract more patients, and much more.

As a RepuGen partner, Panda Health’s clients will receive exclusive discounts to help them acquire more positive online reviews, build positive patient relationships, improve patient retention, boost revenue, and build an overall healthy online reputation.

About RepuGen

RepuGen is an online healthcare reputation management platform designed to assist patient-centric healthcare providers acquire and retain more patients by matching their online reputation to their patients’ actual satisfaction. If remained untouched, online reputation showcases an inaccurate representation for prospective patients researching for a healthcare provider on the internet, resulting in a sub-optimal selection process. RepuGen’s mission is to help medical professionals improve their overall patient care by identifying the factors that strengthen patient satisfaction and by helping patients choose the best healthcare provider for their needs.

Lauren Parr
Lauren Parr

Lauren Parr is the product marketing manager at RepuGen, a healthcare reputation management software. She is highly involved in all things RepuGen; marketing, sales, product development, etc and truly enjoys every aspect of it.