RepuGen Celebrates 3 Years of Improving Patient Experience and Satisfaction

Like how the first three years of your life are crucial for the rapid development of your brain, the same goes for RepuGen. It started as a simple review management tool, but in just three years, it developed into an all-in-one healthcare reputation management and patient sentiment analysis software that has helped over 2000+ physicians and many healthcare practices take control of their online reputation while increasing patient satisfaction.

We have achieved many milestones in such a short span of time. We repositioned our client focus to help a much needed and highly overlooked industry - healthcare. Our software now includes many new and innovative features such as patient sentiment analysis, broadcast messaging, patient service recovery reports, and more. We’ve partnered with many small and large healthcare organizations across the country to help them improve their patient experience and satisfaction.

The success that we’ve achieved over the past 3 years is because of our clients' trust in us. They love the software’s ability to gather immediate patient review or feedback based on their visit and convert them into detailed reports to monitor patient sentiment so that the patient experience can be improved. Check out what some of our clients have to say about us.

"Excellent service to boost online positive reviews by customers and head off negative ones! We went from very few reviews from years ago, to regular 5-star reviews in excess of the entire volume of prior reviews, within a few months." Dr. Peter L. Kim, MD, Family Care Center Medical Group

"Great amazing customer service from RepuGen, no question left unanswered! The software is really easy to use which makes it simple for the end user to navigate and engage with the software. RepuGen also has the ability to create and customize a lot of functions which is a plus." Brian O on Capterra

We want to thank all our clients for supporting us all through these years. We promise that we will work hard and continuously improve our software to help you improve patient experience and satisfaction.

Ajay Prasad
Ajay Prasad

Ajay Prasad is the founder and CEO of RepuGen, a leading healthcare reputation management solution that helps practices grow through regular review generation, patient recovery, and retention. Ajay believes that providing clients with the opportunity to take control of their online reputation will improve patient experience and the overall success of the healthcare business. See how RepuGen can help you.