How to Manage Online Reputation of Your Multi-Location Medical Practice

Keeping a track of the online reputation of your multi-location medical practice isn't easy. But with the right guidance and a proper tool in hand, you can easily monitor and manage online reputation of each of your practice in a way that will ensure accountability, decision making, and optimized revenue opportunities for each of them as separate business units. One of our very long-term and loyal healthcare clients called us concerned about the reputation of his brand. The reason for his worry wasn’t the fear of a bad online reputation. As our client, his online reputation was great. This client was actually expanding from a single location to a multi-location practice, and was confused about how to keep a track of each of his locations’ online reputation. I knew what I had to tell him to assure and convince him on the matter. However, as a marketer, I was curious and wanted to listen to his concerns from the perspective of a client. I listened to his concerns regarding the management of online reputation of a multi-location business. The key issues we discussed were about:
  1. Fixing accountability of each business unit for its own success and failures
  2. Equipping practice managers to make decisions regarding processes and products specific to each location
  3. Allowing for business or service related optimization to create new revenue opportunities for separate locations
Keep reading this blog to understand how we resolved these concerns and how YOU can also monitor and manage online reputation for all your locations easily.

Maintain Location-Based Profiles

This is not just a suggestion, it's a necessity. Most of the online platforms where your patients can leave reviews only allow for one profile per location, except Facebook. Facebook lets brands to have and manage a brand-wide page as well as location-wise pages from a single profile. Location-based profiles help you have a deeper reach in specific geographic locations. Being locally-present on the internet allows your prospective patients to find you easily and quickly when they are conducting a mobile or location-based search.

Manage Brand Visibility Across Locations

Creating location-wise pages is not enough. You'll need to perform some presence management tasks like listing your medical practice on all major business/healthcare listing sites, blogs, or local newspapers operating locally for each of your practice. This will help increase your brand visibility and allow you to rank better in searches locally. A location-wise NAP (name, address, and phone number) listing on different online directories such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, HealthGrades, and even Facebook helps a lot in raising your online presence locally. Getting your practice name cited in local articles also boosts your local online presence. Remember, a greater visibility on the internet means a higher online reputation!

Make Sure Review Responses Come from Equipped Practice Managers

As a provider, you'll rarely get enough time to respond to patient reviews. Assign that role to your practice manager but ensure he/she has a good insight about the day-to-day happening, and a good grasp of the policies, procedures, and products associated with each location. By doing so, you'll be in a better position to address issues and provide customer remedy effectively. Also, focus on standardizing the way in which your patients' concerns are addressed. Maintain a singular brand voice and provide the same type and quality of remedy or follow up services across each practice location. It's better to avoid your practices competing with each other in terms of addressing patients' concerns.

Run Pilot Tests in a Single Unit & Duplicate the Positive Experience in Others

Having a single practice manager in charge of the online reputation for your multiple practices also allows you to run programs on pilot test basis on a single unit and duplicate the positive experience on other low performing units. For that, you'll need to have an online reputation management application in place that can present all data (regarding ratings, reviews, sentiment analysis, etc.) at one place. If the program works, you can duplicate the positive patient experience in other lower performing units. It can be achieved through staff training or by fixing mechanical or facility issues like parking problems or high level of noise.

Manage Online Reputation for Your Multi-Location Practice with RepuGen

Medical reputation management is now an evolved marketing concept. Healthcare brands with single or multi-location practice are using it for its many benefits. With ORM, you get separate dashboards for each practice location. Each dashboard come with full accessibility features to monitor and maintain online reputation for each location. It also allows for mobility which means you can install the ORM application in even a smartphone or tablet and work on it even when you are on the go. Watch this short explainer video to understand how RepuGen does all that seamlessly.


The continuous advancements in machine learning techniques and its growing application into online reputation management is turning out to be a boon for providers. It has made it possible for providers with multi-location practice to monitor and manage their reputation for each location, anytime and from anywhere. Get access to a personal live demo and see how RepuGen can help manage the online reputation of your multi-location practice.