Healthcare Content Marketing: Why is It Crucial For Your Practice

POSTED ON: Sep 11, 2017

Healthcare Content Marketing: Why is It Crucial For Your Practice Ajay Prasad

Healthcare Content Marketing: Why is It Crucial For Your Practice
The healthcare business is crowded with many competitors, making it challenging to stand out. But, your business can achieve a competitive edge if you develop a content marketing strategy that includes solid content, SEO and reputation management techniques. Here's an in-depth look at why your healthcare practice needs a content marketing strategy that attracts new patients. Also, some of the ways to leverage content to market your healthcare practice.

Why Content Marketing Matters for Your Healthcare Practice

People are increasingly using the internet to get health information. Pew Research Center reports that 1 out of 3 American adults use the internet to resolve medical issues, while over twice as many have pursued health information the past year. Patients often use the internet to book doctor appointments. More and more people rely on relationships they develop online to influence their spending decisions. Another dimension to healthcare marketing is that posting health content builds credibility. It helps convince patients of your knowledge and creates a closer personalized relationship. The more you can position yourself as a medical authority, the more you will increase your chances of achieving visibility in search engines. Since search engines are about connecting people with information they pursue, answering patient questions leads to both patients and bots viewing you as authoritative. Read more about, The Real Reason Your Online Reviews Might Suck (Healthcare Edition)

Building Brand Awareness

One of the most important reasons for developing a wealth of content online is because every web page becomes an advertisement for your brand. If you optimize your content carefully, it has a good chance of showing up in search engines for your niche in healthcare. The combination of your geographic location and unique services can form keywords that define your brand.

Engagement, Trust, and Loyalty

While it certainly takes a lot of effort to create a huge archive of meaningful medical content, it's even more important to interact with your target audience online. Engaging with your audience is an essential key to expanding your market and winning the trust of new patients. It's more effective to emphasize health and wellness than illness. You are more likely to build trust if you concentrate on solutions rather than problems. Another key to building loyalty and trust is to avoid technical jargon and overused marketing terminology such as "advanced" or "world-class." People respond better when you speak to them as equals in a down to earth friendly tone. It helps to use patient narratives to tell relatable stories.

A Great Content Strategy can Help Suppress Negative Results About Your Practice

It's difficult to have negative content removed by merely making requests. Even, making legal threats does not work in social media, nor does try to get even verbally. If someone starts attacking your business online, the last thing you want to do is add fuel to the fire by attacking back. It's best to learn from complaints and address them in a positive manner that demonstrates you are paying attention. Content marketing is the more reliable strategy. Look for ways to suppress unfair negative reviews/articles by burying it with ranking your positive content higher in SERPS. Once you have created a vast amount of optimized text through PR and marketing campaigns, you will be in a better position to manage your online reputation. One of the best ways to achieve reputation management success is to turn complaints into positive learning experiences. Must read, Your Local Business Needs Negative Reviews Too! Here’s Why

Create a Content Marketing Strategy Focused on Your Patients

In order for your content marketing to be effective, you must develop strategic goals with a plan to move people through a sales funnel. Test your funnel to see how well it influences patients to consider your services, and then make adjustments. Be aware that people consume content differently, depending on the device they are using. Mobile users, for example, often look for quick simple answers to questions, while desktop users are more likely to spend time reading lengthy content. The main factors that affect people's choices for healthcare are:
  • facility and personnel reputation
  • insurance considerations
  • recommendations from family and friends
  • modern technology
As much as 80% of consumers who pursue medical help use the internet to learn health information. Make sure your site explains all the medical services you offer so that people know they are in the right place. You have a better chance of persuading people to set an appointment if you offer rewards such as coupons, discounts, and loyalty cards. Consider offering free e-books full of health and nutrition tips as well. Also Read: Why Doctors Should Pay Heed to Their Patient Reviews Online

Types of Content Your Healthcare Practice Can Invest In

Healthcare organizations can create unique content from tapping into their own resources, such as getting physicians to share their knowledge.

Use Your Own Resources

You can interview medical professionals and create Q&A pages, which is a strong SEO strategy. Even if the knowledge is universally known by the medical community, every physician has their own unique perspective based on experience. Posting informative medical tips is an excellent form of healthcare content marketing that satisfies both patients and search engines. Offering high-quality content inspires sharing on social media, which can help you build a loyal following. Sharing research studies is a powerful way to deliver unique authoritative content.


You can re-purpose the medical content in different media formats adds to an effective content marketing strategy. Mentioned below are some of the most popular mediums you can repurpose content for.
  • Video
  • Blog Post
  • Infographic
  • Presentation for Slideshare
  • Social Media Posts
  • Add relevant discussion around the topic in a health/medical community.

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