COVID-19: How RepuGen Can Help Overcome Google’s Review Limitations

Due to COVID-19, Google announced that they are temporarily limiting some Google My Business (GMB) features, which include review publishing, review responses, and Q&A. They have paused these features not only due to staff shortage but also in order to protect businesses from misinformation caused by COVID-19.

How We RepuGen Help Overcome the Review Limitations

As your healthcare reputation management partner, we are here to help you during this unprecedented time. With RepuGen, you can continue your normal review generation process. Patients are still able to write reviews on Google, however, there may be a delay before they are posted.

Through the RepuGen dashboard, you can respond to posted Google reviews during this period. All review responses will be saved in our database and automatically posted when Google resumes its normal review service.

You will still be able to monitor patients’ feedback on the RepuGen dashboard and connect with them to resolve any issues they may be facing.

RepuGen’s COVID-19 Patient Engagement Features

We are committed to helping our clients stay connected with their patients at this time of uncertainty. In order to help with that, we’ve implemented a few (free) features:

1. Broadcast Messaging Feature

You can send customized emails/texts to your patients to keep them updated on COVID-19 announcements (Telemedicine announcements, office closure announcements, office sanitization measures, etc.).

2. E-cards

You can send customized e-cards to your patients with default designs to easily update them on COVID-19 via email.

RepuGen's Telemedicine Survey

You can use this feature to continue sending RepuGen surveys to your patients who were seen virtually. It is very important to continue receiving feedback from patients about their experience, especially when a new service (telemedicine) has been introduced.

The telemedicine survey feature will help you understand whether your patients are satisfied with this type of care. Apart from monitoring your patients’ satisfaction, you can also receive reviews from satisfied patients that will help you to continue improving your online reputation.

Why You Should Continue Managing Your Online Reputation During COVID-19

During this COVID-19 outbreak, managing your online reputation has become more important than ever. The only connection you have with your existing or potential patients is by being online. That’s why it’s critical to improve your online visibility and reputation so that potential patients can find you and make their decision based on your reviews.

Request a free demo or contact us at 866-246-7891 to learn more about how RepuGen can help you serve your patients during this uncertain period.