Best Ways to Use Digital Signage Displays at Medical Clinic

The medical industry is booming, and unlike earlier, there are many medical service providers. If you want to be one of the best medical clinics in your area, you have to give the best experience to your patients and visitors. One way to do it is by using Digital Signage.

It's one of the innovative ways to build your brand. It will give you an edge since most of your competitors are still using the old marketing methods.

Here, we will discuss the seven best ways to use digital signage for your marketing purposes.

7 Ways to Use Digital Signage for Medical Clinic

1. Spread awareness

The most general public is not aware of the medical terms and conditions. So you can use digital signage to create awareness among the general public. You can share common or unpopular medical conditions' symptoms, precautions, and treatments.

Using digital signage in your waiting area or reception area to spread awareness will maximize your audience reach.

2. Internal communications

The medical industry is a profession where internal communication should be seamless and error-free. You can use digital signage to improve the flow of internal communications. For example, you can share important announcements or reminders for your medical staff to ensure everyone knows about them. You can also display the updated schedule of the team and patient appointments to keep everyone updated on the latest schedule and avoid any hassle. You can also use digital signage in staff meeting rooms.

3. Promote your services

Your visitors may not know all your services when they visit your clinic. But you can display the details of all of your services or your primary services on the hospital digital signage. Digital signage is an AV medium that is also highly engaging, so you can use it to your advantage to get the attention of your visitors.

It will increase the visibility of your services. Your visitors are your target audiences already engaging with your brand, so you can utilize digital signage to promote your other services to them.

You can also promote your free camps on digital signage. People are always interested in free check-ups, and your visitors will surely want to take advantage of them.

4. Navigation

You can show two different types of navigation on your digital signage for your visitors. The first type of navigation is of your medical clinic itself. You can show a 3D- structure map of your clinic or simple navigation to point out significant rooms or areas of the clinic. For example, you can point the way to the emergency room, physician's cabin, test room.

The second type of navigation is about the significant visiting spots around your medical clinic. It will make it easy for your visitors to find their way around the area.

Digital signage navigation removes the hassle of helping out visitors with directions.

5. Invite Volunteers and Donors

Getting donors and volunteers is one of the evergreen requirements of medical clinics, but spreading awareness among people is always a problem. Digital signage is an effective solution to this situation. Display information about the requirements for volunteers and donors on digital signage so that all your visitors can see it and join the initiative.

6. Share Testimonials

When people visit new medical facilities, it generally takes time to trust the staff and the services. But you can instil their trust in your brand and staff by showing reviews or testimonials. Use digital signage to showcase good testimonials and 5-star reviews to your new visitors. Digital signage allows you to show textual and video testimonials, and you can use them both or either of them to get the attention of your visitors.

But, most importantly, think about displaying authentic testimonials. Your patients or their family members leave reviews on online platforms like Google, Facebook, etc. You can use a social media aggregator tool to collect reviews from these platforms to display on digital signage.

We know you probably don't know which social media aggregator to choose, so try our recommendation - Taggbox Display. It's a UGC platform that enables you to collect reviews from various sources and show them in a presentable feed.

7. Cafeteria

Digital signage is very resourceful in the cafeteria of your medical clinic as well. You can display the updated menu for each day. Interactive visuals of the recipes can help you upsell, so share video clips and images with the menu on the digital signage.

Final Thoughts

Use digital signage in your clinic's lobby, reception area, waiting rooms, meeting rooms, cafeteria, and other relevant places. Digital signage will serve various purposes like engaging the visitors, upselling the services, improving communication, building brand authority and trust, etc. Leverage the benefits of using digital signage and grow your clinic.