The healthcare landscape is rapidly changing, and online reviews are more important than ever for attracting new patients. In this on-demand webinar, Unlocking Patient Trust: Which Healthcare Review Sites Should You Prioritize in 2024?, we'll guide you through the evolving world of online healthcare reviews.

You'll learn:

  • The latest trends and statistics impacting healthcare review sites in 2024.
  • Which review platforms your practice should focus on, based on your specialty and target audience.
  • Actionable strategies to cultivate positive patient reviews and address negative feedback constructively.
  • Proven tactics for leveraging online reviews to boost your online reputation, attract new patients, and increase conversions.

Take control of your online presence and gain a competitive edge in 2024. Watch this insightful webinar now!

Lauren Parr

About Our Speaker: Lauren Parr

Lauren Parr is the co-founder and Product Director at RepuGen, a healthcare reputation management software. She is highly involved in all things RepuGen; marketing, sales, product development, and much more and truly enjoys every aspect of it.