Patient testimonials are valuable tools in the healthcare industry as they serve as social proof that demonstrates the credibility and quality of healthcare services provided by a practice. These testimonials, which are accounts of positive experiences shared by patients, can greatly influence potential prospects and attract new individuals to seek care from the same healthcare provider.

This webinar aims to provide valuable insights on utilizing patient testimonials effectively.

Participants can expect to learn the following key points:

  • Differentiating patient reviews from patient testimonials: The webinar will clarify the distinction between patient reviews and testimonials.
  • Strategies for obtaining patient testimonials: The webinar will provide guidance on how to request testimonials from patients.
  • Utilizing testimonials for maximum benefit: The webinar will explore various platforms and channels where testimonials can be effectively utilized.

In addition to the mentioned points, the webinar promises to cover further relevant topics to enhance the understanding and application of patient testimonials in the healthcare industry. By attending this webinar, healthcare professionals can expect to gain valuable knowledge and insights on leveraging patient testimonials to attract new prospects and promote their practice effectively.

Oliver Blanco

About Our Speaker: Oliver Blanco

Oliver Blanco is a strategic and detail-oriented Digital Marketing and Account Manager at RepuGen, a healthcare reputation management platform for medical practices and doctors.