Join us in exploring the world of patient-centric care through our webinar, "Patient-Centric Care: Unveiling Needs with Multi-Question Surveys."

Discover how multi-question surveys revolutionize the healthcare landscape by delving into patient insights and enhancing the quality of care. Gain valuable knowledge on creating effective surveys, leveraging feedback, and making informed decisions that prioritize patient well-being. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your patient service strategies!

  • The Power of Patient Feedback
  • Evolving Healthcare Survey Strategies
  • Using Multi-Question Surveys To Improve Patient Care
  • Best Patient Survey Practices
  • Gathering & Analyzing Patient Data Effectively
  • Enhancing Patient Relationships
Oliver Blanco

About Our Speaker: Lauren Parr

Lauren Parr is the co-founder and Product Director at RepuGen, a healthcare reputation management software. She is highly involved in all things RepuGen; marketing, sales, product development, and much more and truly enjoys every aspect of it.