Push Negative Articles About Your Company From the First Page of Google

Is there some negative information about your company on the Internet? If so, this information could be hurting your sales. When prospects search your company online and find negative information, they will not want to do business with you. So, how can you push these negative articles?

Follow the five tips below.

1. Ask the content publisher to remove the content

If the information about your company is malicious or unsubstantiated, you can ask the publisher to remove it. However, this is easier said than done. Sometimes, asking for the article to be removed can make the person who published it even more aggressive in defaming your business. In such a case, move to step two.

2. Respond to the content

Address the allegations made about your business in the article. Make sure you are not defensive or trying to pass the blame to another party. Prospects will know when you are doing this from miles away. Address the content objectively to make readers know that whatever happened was an isolated incident that was taken care of.

3. Secure your brand online

This is the best way to start pushing any negative articles about your business down the search engine results pages (SERPs). Secure your brand identity on various social media sites and public forums. For example, get accredited on BBB.org website and have official business social media accounts. Use these accounts when addressing any issues about your business on the Internet.

4. Get Accredited from authority organizations

Make sure your business is accredited by relevant associations in your industry. For instance, you should be listed in your city”™s chamber of commerce website. Also, check for listing opportunities at industry directories or resource portals and look for guest posting opportunities at credible websites. The more you are associated with credible organizations, the easier it will be for prospects to trust you.

5. Press releases and blogging

Now that you”™ve secured your brand, it”™s time to produce content about your business. Write and publish articles that are optimized for the negative keywords for which the content you want to remove from the SERPs are ranking for. While your articles should rank for the negative keywords, their information should portray your business in positive light. For example, if your company was accused of being a scam, you can write press releases informing prospects how you have set up with new measures to seal any scam loopholes.

6. Rank your content

Make sure the articles you publish are ranking on Google for the specific negative keywords the defaming articles are ranking for. Remember, you want users who type the negative keywords related to your business to find the positive content you have published and realize that things have changed for the better.

The above are some tips you can follow to push negative articles about your company from the first page of Google.