How Healthcare Reputation Management Can Improve Your Hospital's Performance

Reputation management for medical groups, hospitals, or healthcare practices doesn't encompass only managing their online reviews and ratings.

A second function of healthcare reputation management is to track the performance of your hospital and its staff by allowing to monitor your patients' experience during their stay in your facility.

Tracking and monitoring helps you know where you are lacking and how you can improve, thereby improving your hospital's performance. Your hospital's performance depends on how your patients feel when they visit and stay in your hospital or healthcare. Sometimes even before they visit your facility, like when they fill in the appointment form online or call you to fix one.

It's how swiftly they come across all the formalities to finally get the treatment, and also how friendly and in a caring manner you attend to them and their ailment that decides how satisfied they're going to feel.

Meeting Your Performance Indicators

Hospitals and healthcare practices today are judged on their ability to meet the various performance indicators ranging from clinical outcomes to financial goals.

And because their performance are now directly linked with patient satisfaction (which is also a major performance indicator and also decides about their reimbursements), physicians and doctors are becoming more concerned and persuasive about communicating with both their employees and patients to keep a check on how well their patients are feeling during their stay in the facility, and while they interact with the staffs.

A big part of the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey focuses on how well care providers listen and how understandable their explanations are. Giving a platform to raise their concern and listening to what they have to say can solve half your hurdles towards patient satisfaction.

Healthcare reputation management can be your best chance at this!

Determinants of Patient Satisfaction

There are many determinants to the patient satisfaction of which, medical and service elements of the hospital stay are the most important dimensions. Some major determinants of patient satisfaction are:

  • The outcome of treatment
  • Nursing experience; empathetic or less-caring
  • Admission and discharge procedures and instructions
  • Patients getting information about treatment and medication
  • Quality of food and accommodation during their stay in the hospital
  • The type of technology getting used for treatment
  • The type of platform you provide for raising their concern

Having a right reputation management process in place is the ideal way you can measure all these.

How You Can Measure These

Knowing the determinants of a great performance doesn't guarantee an actual reward.

You will need to have a system that can let you measure your hospital's and your staff's performance on every account of patient satisfaction. A simple and the most popular way is to integrate reputation management in your service line.

A healthcare reputation management software can take care by collecting real-time patient feedback after they have received your service. The collected feedback are then presented in an understandable graphical format that lets you know how your patients felt during and after receiving your service.

Measuring Your Hospital's Performance with RepuGen

We understand how busy you get in attending to treating each of your patients and how it leaves you with little space to be available with your patients during their entire stay at your facility.

That's why we built RepuGen through which you can directly reach your patients and know about their feelings during their stay in your hospital or healthcare and their interaction with your staffs.

It's only by knowing where you lack, you can get a chance to improve your hospital's performance!

Let's have a look how RepuGen can improve your hospital's performance.

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Ajay Prasad
Ajay Prasad

Ajay Prasad is the founder and CEO of RepuGen, a leading healthcare reputation management solution that helps practices grow through regular review generation, patient recovery, and retention. Ajay believes that providing clients with the opportunity to take control of their online reputation will improve patient experience and the overall success of the healthcare business. See how RepuGen can help you.