Healthcare organizations typically leverage all types of marketing and advertising strategies to acquire and retain their patients, but one of the best methods at building a strong patient base is patient referrals.

When searching for a new healthcare provider, 51% of patients find that referrals from family and friends are one of the most important factors in making their decision.

Encouraging your current patients to refer their friends and family is an inexpensive, highly effective, and easy way to grow your practice.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • What are Patient Referrals?
  • Why Does Patient Referral Matter?
  • How to Create an Efficient Patient Referral Program?
  • How to Boost Patient Referrals and Acquire
  • More Patients for Your Practice?
Lauren Parr

About Our Speaker: Lauren Parr

Lauren Parr is the co-founder and Product Director at RepuGen, a healthcare reputation management software. She is highly involved in all things RepuGen; marketing, sales, product development, and much more and truly enjoys every aspect of it.