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5 5 Google, 09/17/2020
Phoenix Spine and Joint
Vanessa Bello
Staff are very nice make you feel at ease, welcomed and ready to help. Doctor took his time to explain what going on and letting know he is there to help you. I recommend Desert Orthopedic Center. 😊
5 5 Google, 09/15/2020
Phoenix Spine and Joint
Everett Shaffstall
Never wait more than 5 minutes to see medical staff and they are very focused.
5 5 HealthGrades, 09/15/2020
Phoenix Spine and Joint
Bo Fuller
I felt he was very friendly and knowledgeable. If I need to get the other knee done, I will choose him.
5 5 Google, 09/12/2020
Phoenix Spine and Joint
Patricia Depierro
Dr. Gough took his time with me. Explained things very well and answered my questions. I appreciated his honesty. He went above and beyond.
5 5 HealthGrades, 09/12/2020
Phoenix Spine and Joint
Walter (Tony) Beck
So far it’s been great! I have a very difficult case and Dr Gough is willing to help me through it! I’m super excited to start the process!!
5 5 Google, 09/10/2020
Phoenix Spine and Joint
Andy Gilb
Very professional yet friendly care. And the knee injections don’t hurt needy as much as people say!
5 5 WebMD, 09/01/2020
Phoenix Spine and Joint
Guest user
I give Dr. Ehteshami, MD a 5-star rating. He explained everything to me after viewing my x-rays. He did surgery on my neck that was probably long overdue. I put my full trust in him and his staff. His staff is very nice and professional and have always answered any questions I had. I wouldn't expect anything less coming from this doctor. The hospital nurses and other medical staff were all very kind and nice to me as they to explained everything, step by step as to what to expect before, during, and after surgery. I fully tursted all of them.
5 5 Google, 08/29/2020
Phoenix Spine and Joint
Lou Perkins
Dr. Gough did a full hip replacement for me. Everything was amazing from beginning appointment to a full recovery after 8 physical therapy sessions. His staff is helpful and very knowledgeable. The method he uses allowed me to walk unaided in just a day or two without restrictions. Of course it took about six weeks to get full range and strength. My number one desire was a surgeon who was experienced, confident, and capable of handling anything since you never know with surgery. Dr. Gough has my complete trust.
5 5 RepuGen, 08/24/2020
Phoenix Spine and Joint
Michael Dunbar
Nice and confident staff. Ready to use technology for safety, I meet the doctor via video conferencing.
5 5 HealthGrades, 08/20/2020
Phoenix Spine and Joint
Amanda S.
Best doctor I have ever seen. So knowledgeable, so patient with all my questions/concerns and amazing bedside manner. I came to him for a 2nd opinion and I immediately felt at ease. He got me in for surgery almost immediately and everything he explained and predicted early on has been spot on. Him and his staff have been so accommodating and friendly every step of the way. I am forever grateful for Dr.Seidel & his team.
5 5 Google, 08/18/2020
Phoenix Spine and Joint
Sheryl Bostrom
I have both my knees replaced with Chow. That says something when you go back for the 2nd knee !! I interviewed multiple surgeons, however I choose Dr Chow based on his methodologies,and skill I got a bonus his bedside manner is outstanding His staff is wonderful. My recovery both times has been exceptional for me I was able to walk into physical therapy with just a cane. Dr Chow is worth the wait.b
5 5 HealthGrades, 08/15/2020
Phoenix Spine and Joint
Theresa Maresco
I was very saddened to hear Dr Bennion was no longer at Steward Ortho when I went for my third visit . was very pleased with my results
5 5 Google, 08/12/2020
Phoenix Spine and Joint
Tami Olson
Couldn't have asked for a better team to do my hip. From front desk Ruby so personal knows her pts voices when she answers, to PA Olivia extremely caring about her patients, Melissa also caring and pt comes first to Dr. Chow an amazing surgeon care about every one of his pts and always there to help. This is amazing team!
5 5 Google, 08/12/2020
Phoenix Spine and Joint
LaReda Porter
Dr. Chow is an outstanding surgeon! He has replace both my husband knees In the past and this year he has replaced both of my knees. I have perfect confidence in his abilities! I love that he is always striving to be on the cutting edge of technology! I highly recommend him and his staff.
5 5 HealthGrades, 08/12/2020
Phoenix Spine and Joint
Prior to seeing Dr. Baig, I was in constant pain for 6 months and had numerous procedures at a pain management clinic attempting to ease or stop the pain. After exhausting all other options and consulting with Dr. Baig, he performed surgery on 5/29 fusing C3 - C5 in my neck. Since the surgery my recovery has gone extremely well and the pain is completely gone. When I asked Dr. Baig about the option of disc replacement versus fusion he described the benefits of both, but recommended which he thought was best for me and why. Prior to surgery Dr. Baig was extremely thorough in describing why I needed surgery, what would take place during surgery, how the surgery would address my issue, and the potential risks associated with such an invasive procedure. I appreciate his candor and direct approach. If I, or someone I knew had a similar issue I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Baig and his staff.
5 5 Google, 08/07/2020
Phoenix Spine and Joint
Ken Moore
Remarkably upbeat and caring staff. My first visit seemed more like a meeting with friends than medical facility personnel.
5 5 Google, 08/06/2020
Phoenix Spine and Joint
Louise Ungro
A wonderful experience to have an excellent surgeon as Dr. Brandon Gough. He answered all my questions and more that put my mind at ease about my upcoming knee replacement. I highly recommend him.
5 5 Google, 08/05/2020
Phoenix Spine and Joint
Cynthia Parker
Dr. Chow is very professional and takes the time to explain issues in detail in layman’s terms. His office and medical staff are friendly and helpful!!
5 5 Google, 08/05/2020
Phoenix Spine and Joint
Frances Mullen
Very impressed with everyone I came in contact with.Dr. Chow was very informative and I understood all he talked about. I feel I have found the best doctor for my painful knees. Thank you.
5 5 Google, 08/04/2020
Phoenix Spine and Joint
S Lang
The team at Phoenix Spine is just great. Dr. Martin did a fabulous job on me. He obviously has great skill with small and very sharp instruments. His team of nurses, anesthesiologist and scrubs are fantastic and work well together, as far as I can tell. I awoke from surgery absolutely pain free, other than the slight sting from the incision. I highly recommend this team.
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