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5 5 RepuGen, 08/08/2019
GMR Transcription
Gilbert Saucedo
Excellent customer service and quick turn around.
5 5 RepuGen, 07/29/2019
GMR Transcription
Wivine Ngongo
5 5 RepuGen, 07/25/2019
GMR Transcription
Dawna Rutherford
Quick turn around time allowed me to work quickly on my research project. Thanks
5 5 RepuGen, 07/19/2019
GMR Transcription
Kristen Chamberlin
Very responsive
4.5 4.5 RepuGen, 07/18/2019
GMR Transcription
Sharon Umpenhour
5 5 RepuGen, 07/12/2019
GMR Transcription
Nour Alamiri
The transcripts captured the focus group recordings perfectly and were completed earlier than expected! Very convenient and reliable service. GMR was highly recommended by a colleague, and I would highly recommend their service to others!
5 5 Google, 06/25/2019
GMR Transcription
Madelyn McDonald
This transcription service could not be better! We have used them extensively for several research studies and have been consistently impressed. All transcripts are delivered in a very timely manner, and are remarkably accurate. There is even an option for difficult audio based on different types of accents. Would recommend to all!
5 5 Google, 06/13/2019
GMR Transcription
Teresa Mitchell
Accurate transcription delivered timely! Easy to use the website for uploading audio, requesting transcribing preferences, payment and getting finished product! Happy to have found them!
5 5 Google, 06/07/2019
GMR Transcription
Mark Haskell Smith
The speed and quality of the service was fantastic. Expect more transcription work from me in the near future!
5 5 Google, 06/04/2019
GMR Transcription
Markus Whitehead
This service saves me valuable time, and the transcription is very accurate!
4 4 Google, 02/27/2019
GMR Transcription
5 5 Google, 02/27/2019
GMR Transcription
Ademola Ekulona
Having experience from using Transcription Services back in the day made me apprehensive, but our need was great, so I took a chance on GMR. Turns out that all my concerns were reduced by their professionalism. Not only was it easy to specify what I wanted, uploading the audio file was simple, there were good options for turnaraound time, and the price was quite reasonable. I'll keep using GMR because they make it easy.
5 5 Google, 02/20/2019
GMR Transcription
Tina & Ben McClendon
Great turn around and affordable. I will use them ahain and recommend them to everyone
5 5 Google, 02/20/2019
GMR Transcription
Lerone Wilder
Because of the attentiveness of transcribing the data verbatim and the prompt willingness to complete the work in a timely manner, GMR Transcription Services did an excellent job with handling my requests.
5 5 Google, 10/20/2018
GMR Transcription
peter webb
Price, turnaround time, & quality of finished transcripts were all excellent.
5 5 Google, 09/20/2018
GMR Transcription
Drex Rhoades
5 5 Google, 09/20/2018
GMR Transcription
Eden Cortez
It was fast and the quality of work is super! Great reliable and relatively affordable service.
5 5 Google, 08/20/2018
GMR Transcription
Francois Dominick
Acurate and fast. Thank. You
5 5 Google, 07/20/2018
GMR Transcription
5 5 Google, 05/20/2018
GMR Transcription
Naum Ware
Every time I have used GMR which is multiple, it has been a great experience. They are professional, expedient and very courteous. I recommend everyone to them if you want good service.
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