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Average Rating: 4.8
Votes: 211
Reviews: 211 1 5 GMR Transcription 4.8
5 5 RepuGen, 10/17/2019
GMR Transcription
Katie Ernst
4.5 4.5 RepuGen, 10/11/2019
GMR Transcription
Michael Darby
Great work and accuracy!
5 5 RepuGen, 10/07/2019
GMR Transcription
Cheryl Hogan
5 5 RepuGen, 09/30/2019
GMR Transcription
Effie Smith
The transcriptions were done quickly and very well! But what really impressed me was the customer service! All of my questions were answered very promptly and thoroughly. I even received a handwritten note to thank me for choosing GMR services! I will definitely be using it again!
5 5 RepuGen, 09/27/2019
GMR Transcription
Lupe Jara Guerrero
:) the service was excelent!!
5 5 RepuGen, 09/27/2019
GMR Transcription
Peter Aschenbrenner
My '10' rating is easy to explain … GMR promised the product at a date certain; it was delivered on time; the transcript required ENDLESS (caps bec. no ital available) punctuation, parentheses, etc. and a very close and sensitive attention to bibliographic style. And GMR's transcribers delivered. Kudos!
5 5 RepuGen, 09/26/2019
GMR Transcription
Erin Zander
4.5 4.5 RepuGen, 09/23/2019
GMR Transcription
Wendy Godfrey
Quick turnaround. Quality transcription and translation.
5 5 RepuGen, 09/23/2019
GMR Transcription
Sam Zien
4.5 4.5 RepuGen, 09/16/2019
GMR Transcription
Heather Richardson
Great experience. Thanks!
5 5 RepuGen, 09/13/2019
GMR Transcription
Heidi Renz
All questions answered. Quality work plus totally trustworthy .
4.5 4.5 RepuGen, 09/09/2019
GMR Transcription
Jennifer Pardi-Cusick
5 5 RepuGen, 09/09/2019
GMR Transcription
Lyda Mccartin
Quick turnaround - less than the 5 business days which I really appreciate. love that they took out all ums etc. Very few errors and any misspellings made sense when I went back to the audio myself. Thanks! I would love a coupon as every time I went to pay I saw this option.
5 5 RepuGen, 08/19/2019
GMR Transcription
Pastorserve Inc.
The transcriptions were accurate, and we received them back much quicker than expected.
5 5 RepuGen, 08/08/2019
GMR Transcription
Gilbert Saucedo
Excellent customer service and quick turn around.
5 5 RepuGen, 07/29/2019
GMR Transcription
Wivine Ngongo
5 5 RepuGen, 07/25/2019
GMR Transcription
Dawna Rutherford
Quick turn around time allowed me to work quickly on my research project. Thanks
5 5 RepuGen, 07/19/2019
GMR Transcription
Kristen Chamberlin
Very responsive
4.5 4.5 RepuGen, 07/18/2019
GMR Transcription
Sharon Umpenhour
5 5 RepuGen, 07/12/2019
GMR Transcription
Nour Alamiri
The transcripts captured the focus group recordings perfectly and were completed earlier than expected! Very convenient and reliable service. GMR was highly recommended by a colleague, and I would highly recommend their service to others!
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