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5 5 RepuGen, 07/28/2021
Far North Surgery
Rocio Sanchez
Because you guys are awesome
5 5 RepuGen, 07/27/2021
Far North Surgery
Timothy Sullivan
I have never felt that any of my doctors cared about me as a person until I was introduced to Dr. Prasad. He was brilliant with his explanation of what will happened during and after surgery . I was also pleased with the reassurance of being in good hands.
5 5 RepuGen, 07/22/2021
Far North Surgery
Thomas Norbert
The staff was amazing, helpful and always very professional. I would also like to extend the same sentiment for the staff and nurses at the surgery center, they were amazing. I am very grateful for all of the people involved in my treatment and surgery, I have already recommended you to a friend looking for treatment. Thank you!!
5 5 RepuGen, 07/21/2021
Far North Surgery
Holly Henningsen
Dr. Johnson was very patient and kind.
5 5 RepuGen, 07/17/2021
Far North Surgery
Renee Laseter
He is Kind. Listened to my concerns. Squeezed me in on a busy day. Was Efficient.
5 5 RepuGen, 07/15/2021
Far North Surgery
Elise Boyer
We are so happy with the care I receive from Dr. Johnson. Her communication style is warm, clear, and straightforward. She makes me feel like I can handle whatever comes my way.
4.5 4.5 RepuGen, 07/12/2021
Far North Surgery
Cheryl Erickson
Awesome job! Will be back. Lol
4.5 4.5 RepuGen, 07/10/2021
Far North Surgery
Wayne Jackson
Staff was very helpful and patient and kind a very good experience
5 5 RepuGen, 07/08/2021
Far North Surgery
Cordula Page
Dr. Prasad makes you feel like you are his only concern in the whole wide world. He listens with an open mind, explains the issue and answers questions. He exudes calm and utter competency and is very courteous. Together with Abby, who is just as wonderful, they make the perfect team. I love how he includes everybody in the decision making. I, my family and my health could not be in any better hands. Thank you!
5 5 RepuGen, 07/01/2021
Far North Surgery
Paul Mcintosh
I had an urgent need for surgery and Dr. Prada worked me in on very short notice. In my pre-op consultation he was professional, kind and understanding of my situation. I was out of surgery (successful) by mid-day on the following day.
5 5 RepuGen, 06/29/2021
Far North Surgery
Barbara Stuhlmiller
She is a excellent surgeon and I trust her.
5 5 RepuGen, 06/17/2021
Far North Surgery
Stephanie Sanderlin
Dr. Prasad gave me plenty of opportunities to ask questions and was genuinely invested in my care.
5 5 RepuGen, 06/14/2021
Far North Surgery
Thomas Hoellering
Excellent service and outstanding surgeon and support team. Thank you !
5 5 RepuGen, 06/14/2021
Far North Surgery
Michael Warenda
Dr Prasad has the kindest, most comforting and patient demeanor i've ever experienced from a health care provider.
5 5 RepuGen, 06/08/2021
Far North Surgery
Debbie Struna
Dr. Johnson is thorough, has awesome bedside manners and can laugh when appropriate. She listens to your concerns, and gives a full explanation to ease the worry about surgery. I felt very comfortable with her! I would highly recommend anyone facing Breast Cancer to request that she do your surgery.
5 5 RepuGen, 06/03/2021
Far North Surgery
Maria Jones Rivera
Everyone treated me with dignity, kindness, respect and compassion during one of the most difficult times in my life.
5 5 RepuGen, 06/03/2021
Far North Surgery
Jann Mylet
Dr. Prasad was wonderful - from my first appointment after my diagnosis to a follow up months after my surgery, Dr. Prasad was attentive and took the time to answer all of my questions and thoroughly explain the procedure and care required. I can't recommend him highly enough!!
5 5 RepuGen, 06/03/2021
Far North Surgery
Richard Peltier
His communication was fantastic. Very personable and very straightforward. Gave a great feeling of competence and confidence in his abilities and that transferred to my comfort.
5 5 RepuGen, 06/03/2021
Far North Surgery
Sheila Sampley
I think Dr Prasad could be the best surgeon in Alaska!
5 5 RepuGen, 05/27/2021
Far North Surgery
Robin Spartz-Hays
I already have recommended Far North Surgery.
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