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5 5 Google, 04/17/2021
Far North Surgery
Victor Hett
Dr Prasad is the best surgeon you will find in his field of medicine & I say this because of his excellent expertise doing pancriatic surgery on me.In addition to his expertise, his personal relationship with his patients is exceptional.
5 5 Google, 04/15/2021
Far North Surgery
Darren Devaney
I’ve been to them twice and the professionalism and bedside manner are awesome.👍
5 5 Facebook, 04/12/2021
Far North Surgery
Tashaw Pointer
My Mother had surgery with Dr. Prasad . She had already had an office visit with him and his amazing staff and was working on scheduling her surgery. She was in so much pain that it turned into an emergency surgery. They were on it immediately and got her pain under control. The surgery went great and her after care instructions were clear and easy to follow. This office never disappoints and Dr. Prasad, Becky, and Alex always goes above and beyond. Thank you.
5 5 Facebook, 04/11/2021
Far North Surgery
Wanda Cunningham
They are very professional and courteous, all if the staff.
5 5 Facebook, 03/28/2021
Far North Surgery
Randy Blair
Dr. Prasad and staff are professional, friendly, and dependable. Explained the procedure so I could understand it and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend them.
5 5 Google, 03/25/2021
Far North Surgery
Evelyn Jones
I would highly recommend Far North Surgery. Caring, compassionate and they far above and beyond in their care. You're in great hands if you ever need their services.
5 5 Facebook, 03/25/2021
Far North Surgery
Chrystal Cerda
polite fast and dependable
5 5 HealthGrades, 03/14/2021
Far North Surgery
Josh Davis
I’ve been in the office twice. Bothe times, I left feeling valued as a patient. I wasn’t rushed, I was listened to, and was treated like an old friend. I am a big Dr. Prasad fan and would recommend him and his staff to anyone.
5 5 Facebook, 01/22/2021
Far North Surgery
Tanya Clark
Dr. Johnson is an absolute goddess in the OR! She has been my lifeline throughout this entire breast cancer fiasco I am currently going through. The breast surgeon is the person we spend the least amount of time with when we’re diagnosed with breast cancer, but I firmly believe they’re the doctor we develop the strongest relationship with. I’m incredibly thankful my midwife’s clinic forwarded my case to Dr. Johnson and so grateful to have her as my breast surgeon. We’ve developed an excellent relationship and I know we’ll grow closer as I’ll see her for my annual checkups every year for the rest of her career. She truly knows her way around with a scalpel and I trust her wholeheartedly with my life. She’s also extremely friendly, professional, and personable, which makes it easier to be positive with a cancer diagnosis. Thank you, Dr. Johnson!
5 5 RepuGen, 10/31/2020
Far North Surgery
Randy Comer
Great people, Great professional people
4.5 4.5 RepuGen, 10/29/2020
Far North Surgery
Frank Narusch
Very pleasant and efficient staff supporting a very skilled surgeon.
5 5 RepuGen, 10/15/2020
Far North Surgery
Thomas Barrett
Easy and quick processing. Polite staff
5 5 RepuGen, 10/13/2020
Far North Surgery
Test Test
5 5 RepuGen, 10/01/2020
Far North Surgery
Dean Carl
Friendly, efficient, clean, it was successful, Dr. Prasad is very personable and skilled. I would come back if I should have other future issues.
5 5 RepuGen, 09/24/2020
Far North Surgery
Joanne Chan
The staff was friendly and very informative and expressed good things about how well regarded the doctor is at what he does.
5 5 RepuGen, 09/24/2020
Far North Surgery
Curtis Mays
Very positive experience overall. Surgeon and staff were very friendly and took time to explain and made sure I understood what to expect. There were no surprises.
5 5 RepuGen, 09/24/2020
Far North Surgery
Joan Cunningham
Dr. Prasad didn’t even know me but he saved my life!
5 5 HealthGrades, 09/24/2020
Far North Surgery
Healthgrades User
He is a very good doctor!
5 5 RepuGen, 09/12/2020
Far North Surgery
Jeffry Wattenberg
They are good
5 5 RepuGen, 09/12/2020
Far North Surgery
Amy Sanford
Dr Prasad and staff have been very helpful and take time to explain procedures and recovery period.
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