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5 5 HealthGrades, 07/24/2018
COHA - Columbia
Tina Seifert
Dr Nimmagadda is the very best oncology dr!!!!!!!! She is very caring and has excellent bed side manners.. She made me feel very comfortable during my treatments for lung cancer?? I’m so glad my primary care dr recommend her for my treatment??
5 5 HealthGrades, 12/04/2017
COHA - Columbia
Annie Stumme
Ever since I have been seen by Dr. Nimmagadda I have been impressed by her professionalism, knowledge of her specialties, and patience when discussing my current medical problem. Having suspected a diagnosis in my case, she tactfully presented the diagnosis and outlined a plan for confirming the diagnosis. Once her diagnosis was confirmed she laid out a course of treatment keeping in mind my reservations regarding chemotherapy and other drugs. She is a warm and compassionate person.
5 5 HealthGrades, 08/15/2017
COHA - Columbia
Lake Massey
Dr Nimmagadda is an incredible caring doctor who saved my father and a took care of a good friends father. Best bedside manner and explains things so you are able to understand what exactly what is going on.
5 5 HealthGrades, 05/12/2016
COHA - Columbia
Prudence Barry
Dr. Nimmagadda is my favorite doctor. She has been a very kind friend. She has never made me feel that she does not have time for me and my concerns. I believe because of her deep knowledge and empathy my cancer is in remission. I am very thankful that she was referred to me by Dr. Salway. Very sincerely, Prudence Barry
5 5 HealthGrades, 02/10/2016
COHA - Columbia
Bryant Kellenbenz
Dr. Nimmagadda was sincere, personal, caring and focused on my treatment. She explained my condition and the necessary steps to ensure the best possible outcome. Dr. Nimmagadda explained the stages of cancer taking the time to answer questions and reassure my family that I was in the best facility available and was going to receive the best care out there.There was no need for second opinions. Dr. Nimmagadda's entire staff has been wonderful and I would highly recommend her and the team.
5 5 Google, 06/22/2020
COHA - Columbia
Susannah Goodman
5 5 Google, 06/16/2017
COHA - Columbia
Imelda Cantu
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