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5 5 HealthGrades, 04/30/2019
Arun Bhandari, MD
Lynn N
My longtime Internist referred me to Dr Bhandari due to my elevated WBC count. Fortunately, it was found to be due to extreme systemic inflammation, but because it *can* become leukemic, he continues to follow me periodically. He & his staff are very warm and courteous. He & his PA answer all my questions and explain anything I’m unclear about. At my last visit, he had a patient there celebrating the final chemo treatment - Dr B seemed as happy & excited as the patient! So caring & compassionate
5 5 HealthGrades, 02/20/2018
Arun Bhandari, MD
Knowledgeable, helpful, caring, takes his time so you understand.
5 5 HealthGrades, 06/23/2017
Arun Bhandari, MD
Donna F., RN
Professional, yet personable, Dr. Bhandari is detail oriented and pays attention to his patient. He coordinates the individualized care for each person and responds to questions and concerns with incredible depth of knowledge and empathy. Doesn't 'rush' through visits. As a nurse, I admire and trust him. The staff is pleasant and professional and impart caring attitudes. I would recommend Dr. Bhandari to anyone seeking care by an exceptional oncologist/hematologist.
5 5 HealthGrades, 09/19/2016
Arun Bhandari, MD
Dr. Bhandari seemed to be innovative, while well grounded. Most importantly, his treatment worked, and was not very hard on me, although I did follow the recommended practices, like avoiding infection, so that may have helped. His explanations were very clear, and he helped me make measured risk decisions. His early diagnosis, even though he did not try to disclose it to me was very accurate. His staff was always friendly, appointments were easy to arrange, and the staff never made me wait.
5 5 HealthGrades, 01/07/2016
Arun Bhandari, MD
I was very impressed with Dr. Bhandari and his staff. His office staff is very nice and pleasant. There was only a 5-10 minute wait to see Dr. Bhandari, and I found Dr. Bhandari to be a very thorough, knowledgeable, and tell it like it is doctor. He will listen, answer questions, and talk to you in layman' terms so you walk out understanding the visit.
3.85714 3.85714 HealthGrades, 04/17/2020
Arun Bhandari, MD
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