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5 5 Google, 11/09/2018
8-2-8 Urgent Care
Chris John
Came here with severe sore throat/bronkitus. Staff was helpful and professional. Wait time was reasonable or such a facility. Best part was the providers, Andrew and the others were professional and accurate. Andrew prescribed antibiotics and a Steroid antiinflamitory. Can’t believe the difference in less than 24 hours later. Highly recommend this clinic and Andrew and particular.
5 5 Google, 11/01/2018
8-2-8 Urgent Care
Jenika Bianca Harris
5 5 Google, 11/01/2018
8-2-8 Urgent Care
Ashley Riddle
5 5 Google, 11/01/2018
8-2-8 Urgent Care
Mark Bridges
Very little wait and medical assistance was very professional from the receptionist to the medical team. Extremely friendly an courteous.
5 5 Google, 11/01/2018
8-2-8 Urgent Care
Meishan Zhou
Very nice staffs and doctor!
5 5 Google, 11/01/2018
8-2-8 Urgent Care
Megan Holbrook
You guys were SO.HELPFUL. I had an eye issue and Andrew was amazing! The entire clinic was quick and provided excellent care! Thanks so much guys.
5 5 Google, 10/28/2018
8-2-8 Urgent Care
David Nesper
5 5 Google, 10/17/2018
8-2-8 Urgent Care
Jacquelyn Woodworth
The doctor and the nurse I had were both amazing. Every time we come here we're practically treated like family. We're never going to go to another urgent Care
5 5 Google, 10/04/2018
8-2-8 Urgent Care
Emily MacKinnon
I was visiting in the area and needed urgent care. It was a Sunday and I was thrilled that they were open. When I arrived, the front desk staff was pleasant and helpful. I'd never been to an urgent care facility before and they made me feel comfortable. They were able to see my quickly and directed me to the nearest pharmacy that was open later on a Sunday. The facility was clean and comfortable. They called a few days later to see how I was doing. I really could not have been happier with the whole experience.
5 5 Facebook, 09/25/2018
8-2-8 Urgent Care
Virgo King
Front desj staff friendly doctor and xray tech longstanding. Clean waiting roon with candy Walter and coffee.
5 5 Google, 09/21/2018
8-2-8 Urgent Care
Gabrielle Bunn
Everyone in the office were so nice. I was being impatient and rude but they never lost patience with or anything. I had no issues, a very short wait time (it felt like ages but it wasn't) and they got the lab results back very quickly The doctor explained what it was and what I needed to do. I recommend them and I will definitely go back if anything comes up.
5 5 Google, 09/01/2018
8-2-8 Urgent Care
jamie Leigh
Amazing staff! Short waiting time! Everyone there took such good care of my sweet little ♥️
5 5 Google, 08/29/2018
8-2-8 Urgent Care
Roxanne James
Thank God for 8 to 8! I was in so much pain and my doctor was out on Friday. I was able to come in and get relief for the weekend until I could get back to my doctor on Monday. Thanks SO MUCH!
4 4 Facebook, 08/27/2018
8-2-8 Urgent Care
Sascha Conrad Chang
Friendly staff. Clean facility. Convenient, they had my prescription on site and was able to leave with diagnosis and medication. I paid out of pocket and prices were reasonable.
5 5 Yelp, 08/12/2018
8-2-8 Urgent Care
Ashley M.
I had such a pleasant experience at this urgent care! All of the staff were extremely attentive and kind. Dr. Andrew made me feel at ease and was very helpful. The facility was clean and comfortable. Thank you for a great experience!
5 5 Yelp, 08/11/2018
8-2-8 Urgent Care
Megan V.
I love coming here! Such a positive environment and I always feel like I'm in good hands. Erin is seriously the nicest medical assistant ever and the doctors and PAs are awesome!
5 5 Yelp, 07/28/2018
8-2-8 Urgent Care
Kelli S.
We came in on a Saturday expecting it to be busy, because it's an urgent care and it's the weekend. The 2 ladies at the front desk were exceptionally nice and I can appreciate how often they sanitized the waiting room. Despite it being a weekend we only waited about 30 minutes in the waiting room and maybe 15 minutes in a room. Dr. Andrew was excellent with our 4 year old and made her feel at ease. Definitely easier than spending all day at the emergency room!
5 5 Yelp, 07/24/2018
8-2-8 Urgent Care
Ginger K.
I injured my shoulder pretty badly in a freak accident in the ocean. I thought it was dislocated. It was such a horrible experience! I didn't know what to do. My insurance wasn't currently active. I was in pain and stress. My poor arm, I couldn't move it. I haven't been to urgent care before, but some how I figured out to go there. What a tremendous relief. It was a Sunday night, and I received excellent care. I was so traumatized over my accident at the beach. The practitioner Stephen Rivera was awesome!!! Really personable, great bedside manner, and he thoroughly explained my situation. I also followed the suggestions provided, and my pain decreased by half over the course of a week. I walked out of there feeling better. Thank you!
4 4 Facebook, 07/17/2018
8-2-8 Urgent Care
Cian V. Carvalho
I was hesitant to go to an urgent care out of state. Especially because I didn’t want to sit in the waiting room forever to be seen. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I found 8-2-8. The staff was very friendly and professional. This urgent care was super clean and the service was quick and convenient. Took less than 30 minutes from check in to check out! I’d highly recommend them.
5 5 Yelp, 07/17/2018
8-2-8 Urgent Care
Lori J.
From the time I walked in until I left, I was attended to by friendly and efficient staff. Great waiting area and facility. I appreciated the follow up and thoughtful setup of the check in, exam, xray and check out. What a great experience - we will be back!
5 2011-12-17T09:24:17Z1

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