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5 5 Google, 04/22/2021
Urbandale Smiles
Tracy Meister
Amazing experience and results! From Dr. Wu, to the front desk staff, and the assistants my experience and results were incredible. I lost my taste and smell due to having the corona virus. After my first Ozone Therapy Treatment, just a week past my clear date, my smell started returning within hours of the treatment. Throughout the week many smells were apparent and some tastes. My second treatment was a week later and I can confidently tell you my taste and smell have returned. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ Those I know who have had the virus are still awaiting the return of their senses. I highly recommend the Ozone Therapy by Dr. Wu to boost your immune system and see if it helps you as well. Fantastic experience!
5 5 Google, 04/08/2021
Urbandale Smiles
Kathleen Cronin
I have been going to Urbandale Smiles for past 18 months. I always receive very professional and high quality care. Entire staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend if youโ€™re looking for new dental provider. Kathleen C
5 5 Google, 03/04/2021
Urbandale Smiles
Brandon Quijada
Very caring team. A++
5 5 Google, 01/05/2021
Urbandale Smiles
Alex Headley
Always a great experience here. Iโ€™d recommend to anyone looking for a nice, clean, and professional dentist office with great staff.
4 4 Google, 11/06/2020
Urbandale Smiles
Adriana Monroe T. Quijano
The doctors makes you feel comfortable and the staff is extremely respectful and kind.
5 5 Google, 10/29/2020
Urbandale Smiles
Karen Vroman
My daughter and I had appointments here today and they are so lovely and thorough. I love the holistic nature of everyone here. We are so happy with our experience!
5 5 Google, 10/15/2020
Urbandale Smiles
Steffany Mohan
My son had an appointment today and they are wonderful! So kind, professional and helpful!
5 5 Google, 09/09/2020
Urbandale Smiles
Aris Dunner
They make visiting the dentist warm and comfortable! Highly recommend ๐Ÿ‘Œ
5 5 Google, 06/24/2020
Urbandale Smiles
Criss Hahn
5 5 Google, 06/16/2020
Urbandale Smiles
Josiah Fitzsimmons
I have had two fantastic experiences at Urbandale Smiles with Dr. Wu. She is very easy to talk with and I always learn a lot from her and all the staff at Urbandale Smiles. They are very educational and do a great job of helping me understand everything they are doing. I am excited to continue care with them and get the rest of my family in as well!
5 5 Google, 01/20/2020
Urbandale Smiles
Baily Canham
Amazing staff and they make sure to walk you through whatโ€™s going on!
5 5 Google, 12/17/2019
Urbandale Smiles
Zach Volz
The staff was professional and courteous. My problems were immediately and efficiently addressed.
5 5 Google, 10/22/2019
Urbandale Smiles
H2 Joe
This is a professionally run dentist office that I have complete confidence in. Last year, I had an artificial tooth implanted which involved a 7 month process from beginning to end. Throughout the surgical process and healing, the staff was wonderful and i formativeDr. Francis Nahm showed compassion and a high degree of friendliness and technical expertise that always left me feeling that I was in good hands. I am happy to say that my implant feels and looks like one if my natural teethNice work!
5 5 Google, 08/29/2019
Urbandale Smiles
Allan Barclay
Very caring people. My hygienist (Tamara, wonderfull) I'm very impressed by the concern for my well being. Not only my teeth but my emotional stat. Tamara didn't help me this time but made sure to say hi to me before I left.
5 5 Google, 04/28/2019
Urbandale Smiles
Criss Hahn
5 5 Google, 03/28/2019
Urbandale Smiles
Jorae Havinfun
I went in for consultation on mercury removal and was impressed by the wonderful service provided by urbandale Smiles
5 5 Google, 02/28/2019
Urbandale Smiles
Jen P
Always a great experience at Urbandale Smiles!
4 4 Google, 12/28/2018
Urbandale Smiles
Mohamed Abusharkh
Friendly staff. Natalia did an excellent job explaining every step of the process. The doctor seemed a bit rushed though. Not a problem.
5 5 Google, 10/28/2018
Urbandale Smiles
Georgiann Fischer
Friendly staff and great service. Tamara always calms my nerves.
5 5 Google, 10/28/2018
Urbandale Smiles
Emin Dolic
Glad to have you guys as my dentist.Love the new space All stuff is so friendly,definitely recommend it to anyone looking for dentist that care.
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