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Healthcare Online Reputation Management

Whether you manage a hospital, urgent care, primary care, or have your own practice, RepuGen is an online reputation & review management software that will get your patients talking about you and your providers.

40% of people will choose a doctor based solely on his/her online reviews.

Don’t let your few unhappy patients distort your online reputation from reality. Get your happy patients talking to ensure your image is accurate.

How RepuGen Will Elevate Your Practice

Get More New Patients

1 Improve your online reputation and get more new patients

RepuGen is a leading reputation and online review management software that provides a simple solution to monitoring patient sentiment to improve your reputation.

Happy patients are immediately sent to your review site to share reviews. Unhappy patients are intercepted early on to protect your reputation.

Better online reviews mean more new patients visiting your office.

Stand out on search results

2 Stand out on search results

Your reviews are often the first thing people see when searching for your services. Third party sites like Yelp, RateMDs and HealthGrades are trusted by Google and are more likely to display at the top of a search result.

Inactive accounts are virtually invisible and accounts with negative reviews don’t stand a chance against competitors.

RepuGen will earn you consistent positive reviews, highlighting your excellent service at the first touchpoint of an online search, placing you ahead of competitors.

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3 Measure and improve patient sentiment with real-time reporting

RepuGen collects and compiles all data into easy-to-read, printable reports in real-time to measure and improve patient satisfaction.

Let patients rate and provide feedback on your providers for a deeper level of insight on the performance of your staff, allowing you to locate and address problem areas.

Each manager and provider has their own RepuGen dashboard to view their patients’ sentiment. From here, they’ll track their performance with tangible data.

Collection Of Reviews

4 Perform service recovery on unhappy patients

When patients rate your services poorly, your practice manager is immediately notified of the situation. By reaching out to unhappy patients immediately, you’re preventing a potential negative review from being posted and likely retaining that patient for future visits. Medical clients using RepuGen have seen up to 80% service recovery rate from previously unhappy patients.

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5 Highlight patient testimonials on your own public page

Some patients will write incredible testimonials that never make it to a review site -- as we can’t force people to write reviews. RepuGen ensures those testimonials don’t go to waste. With their permission, a happy patient’s written feedback will populate your public testimonial page, which you can easily post to your website. You decide which testimonials will appear on this page.

Collection Of Reviews

6 Receive premium service to meet your reputation needs

Healthcare is a diverse industry that provides a variety of services. We go the extra mile to have our reputation software meet your specific needs. This flexibility combined with premium service from our reps means you’re always getting the best return on your investment.

"RepuGen is an elegant, closely monitored system that has worked well for our medical group to improve our online reputation and reviews. We went from very few reviews from years ago, to regular 5-star reviews in excess of the entire volume of prior reviews, within a few months. RepuGen has both increased our positive reviews, and reduced our negatives, boosting our overall rating dramatically, and [RepuGen] has been a very responsive, easy to work with company. Highest recommendation."

-Dr. Kim

Family Care Centers Medical Group

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