Ajay Prasad Interviewed on Mission Matters: How RepuGen Helps Medical Practitioners Improve Their Patient Satisfaction Rates

Our CEO and Founder, Ajay Prasad, was recently interviewed by Adam Torres of the Mission Matters Innovation Podcast. As an all-in-one healthcare reputation management platform, RepuGen seeks to help medical practitioners process patient reviews quickly and professionally. In the podcast, Ajay talked about RepuGen, healthcare reputation management, and more.

Reputation Management Matters

With 81% of patients consulting online reviews while selecting a healthcare provider, online reviews play a vital role in a patient's decision-making process. They are a true reflection of how happy the patients are.

According to Ajay Prasad, patients generally reject practitioners with a lot of negative reviews. Regardless of how inaccurate the reviews might be, patients tend to give more weightage to the practitioners' online image than their years of expertise and experience. Meanwhile, no reviews are as bad as bad reviews.

Patients are highly unlikely to give a practitioner the benefit of the doubt especially with regards to something as critical as their health.

Why RepuGen?

Ajay notes that satisfied patients are less likely to leave a review unless they had an extraordinarily great experience at your practice. Thus it's highly probable that the existing reviews are representative of a few disgruntled patients.

However, unlike other products or services, healthcare decisions based on an incorrectly portrayed online image can have far-reaching implications for both the provider and the patients.

RepuGen seeks to eliminate this disparity by actively managing the practitioners' online image and enabling quick addressal of any negative reviews to ensure better decision-making based on actual patient satisfaction levels.

How RepuGen Works

When a patient leaves a clinic or office, RepuGen sends out a quick online survey to fill in while their experience is still fresh. This way, the practitioners and their staff can reach out to unhappy patients within 24 hours, ensuring prompt resolution of their grievances.

By sending surveys to all the patients, RepuGen ensures that everyone, from those who are completely happy to those who are deeply dissatisfied, gets a chance to voice their opinions. The comments are then categorized to help practitioners identify their strengths and weaknesses and work on improving their overall satisfaction levels.

Healthcare providers can also compare their ratings against their competitors, obtain a percentile score and implement necessary changes accordingly.

What's Next for RepuGen

Currently serving 1500 doctors as clients, RepuGen is all set to grow its client base and help more medical practitioners as well as hospitals manage their online reviews.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today to schedule a live demo and see what RepuGen can do for you!

Watch the entire interview, here.